French Toast Breakfast

In 2006, a group of volunteers decided to help out the financially strapped parish by earning money to pay for small improvement projects. They hit upon serving a homemade French Toast breakfast, using Dolly Lomax’s own recipe. It became a hit. Not only did parishioners enjoy a tasty breakfast for a mere $5, but the monthly event fostered friendly introductions to other members of the community.   A few months after kick-off, the now dubbed “Breakfast Club" earned enough money to:

  • Paint two classrooms,
  • Paint the trim in the hall,
  • Fix the furnance
  • Sand and varnish the floor
  • Repair the handicap door
  • Donate to the lighting for the church

One-by-one, the Club ticked off major improvement projects in the hall, center, and church—and so it continues forward. Florence Katrena is the lead and contact person. You can find her and this crew of dedicated, fun group of volunteers on the third Sunday of the month from September to May following the 9:30 a.m.Mass. 

The breakfast still remains at $5. Won't you join us?