Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Mission:  The mission of the committee is to act as a clearing house for collectively monitoring the condition of the grounds and buildings; to advise parish staff and groups regarding maintenance needs and priorities; to organize and participate in work parties; to set goals for enhancing the grounds and buildings; and, to pursue cost-savings measures wherever possible while maintaining our parish facilities in an attractive and functional state.

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Parish Center. New committee members are warmly welcomed! 

Funding Sources for Maintenance and Improvement Projects:

  • Your regular stewardship! (Thank you, very much!)
  • The Altar Society
  • Archdiocesan Safety Grants
  • Project-specific and anonymous donations
  • Periodic capital campaigns

Recent Accomplishments: (within the last three years)

  • A landscaping contractor has been hired to perform bi-weekly grounds maintenance.
  • A new mechanical contractor has been hired to perform seasonal maintenance on our mechanical equipment to maximize their efficiency and life-span.
  • A major relighting of the nave light fixtures was completed.
  • Battles have been won, lost and won fighting roof leaks thanks to the relentless efforts of staff, volunteers and hired contractors.
  • Seven new rain gardens have been installed by the City of Portland, at no cost to the parish, to collect rainwater and ease the burden on our undersized municipal sewers.
  • Our food pantry has been relocated from the basement of Carvlin Hall to renovated and handier space near the entrance to the Parish Center.
  • Numerous volunteer work parties have tackled major cleaning, organizing and maintenance tasks on the inside and outside of our parish facilities. Thank you, all!
  • 16th Ave. Driveway Apron: The fractured concrete with potholes will be demolished and rebuilt in early July. Vehicles will have to avoid that entrance for approximately 7-days to allow the new concrete to cure. This project is funded by the Altar Society and an Archdiocesan safety grant.
  • Security Cameras: Several cameras will be installed in the Parish Center this June. Installation costs have been funded by the parish and an Archdiocesan safety grant.
  • Rain Gardens: Though construction of these was funded by the City of Portland, maintenance of the gardens is a parish responsibility. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the foyer. Parishioners with green thumbs or with a desire to fellowship with each other after Mass periodically are encouraged to sign up. Donning jeans for Mass; taking your coffee and doughnut to one of the gardens for 30-minutes and enjoying each other’s company seems like a very pleasant way to steward our environment.
  • School Building: The building has a new roof. Debbie has orchestrated upgrading one classroom into Class A meeting space, complete with current technologies for computer use and screen use. Future rooms to follow suit as rental revenue affords further upgrades.

Future Projects and Goals:

Our needs are ongoing at our expansive and aging campus. But many hands make light work! A few of our future scheduled or planned projects include:

  • Catholic Charities: The feasibility of a permanent affordable housing development is being considered at the SPN campus. 
  • Bocci Ball Court: There is a move afoot to rebuild our Bocci ball court! This is more than a tip of the hat to the Italian roots of our parish. Playing or watching this game of leisure and finesse is good for the soul for people of all ages and backgrounds and another great way in which to enjoy time together. If you have an interest in helping with the construction or funding of this addition to our grounds, please speak to a committee member or Fr.
  • Roof Maintenance: Parish staff and the committee are developing a more rigorous monitoring and maintenance program to minimize the potential for leaks and to achieve as much life-span from our existing roof systems as possible. Unfortunately, the day will come when a major capital expense will be required to perform comprehensive maintenance or replacement of one or more of the roof systems. We will defer that need as long as possible, but planning for that eventuality is necessary. We welcome strategic input on this topic.
  • Volunteer Work Parties & General Maintenance: Typically, the committee plans two work parties in the spring and two in the fall to help tackle the extra grounds work required in these seasons. We plan to continue with this program. Occasionally, we will schedule other work parties to accomplish other specific pressing tasks. Two such tasks include purging, cleaning and organizing the basement of the Parish Center; and, reconditioning and repainting the woodwork at the entrance to Carvlin Hall. 
  • Emergencies: Three times this winter and spring the parish has experienced broken windows due to vandalism or other unknown causes. A parishioner with glazing skills volunteered their services to help address this need. Other emergency needs will arise in the future. Typically, the parish may appeal to parishioners with a needed skill or turn to a hired contractor to meet our needs. Please be attentive to our announcements if you can help.

Thank you so much for your interest in, and support of, your Buildings and Grounds Committee activities and goals. Again, we welcome all your suggestions and participation in our activities that seek to make St. Philip Neri Parish an attractive and well-maintained setting for our faith community to flourish.

Committee Members: John Arth, Bill Dietzler, Patrick Leonard, and Patrick Murphy.