Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Good liturgy is accomplished when the leaders of prayers are attentive to its preparation in order to meet the needs of the worshipping community. To accomplish this end a parish liturgy committee is recommended.


  • To assess the needs of the worshipping assembly and to provide ongoing evaluation to see that those needs are met, i.e. concrete observations offered by the people. To provide direction for those who plan liturgies.
  • To promote the development of competent liturgical ministers. To ensure liturgical principles are adhered to.
  • To grow in the understanding of theological, historical, spiritual, pastoral and judicial principles of liturgy.


Member of the parish faith community, active in sacramental life, ready to have or who already has basic knowledge of the scope of the liturgical year, basic structures of the Mass, various sacramental rites etc.


Members are selected from the following: Musicians, Readers, Welcome greeters/ushers, Sacristans, Altar Servers, Environment, Hospitality, Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. 

Current members: Darren Childers, Bari Columbari, Robert George, Laurel Semprevivo-Gonzales, Barbara Harrison, and Kait Skyler