FREE Art Center Tour | August 14 @ 1pm

Posted on August 07, 2019 in: General News

FREE Art Center Tour | August 14 @ 1pm

Members of SPN are invited to attend a tour of Elisabeth Jones Art Center, 516 NW 14th (between NW Hoyt and Glisan) on Wednesday August 14, at 1:00 p.m. to view an art exhibit about Neighborhood Associations. Parishioner Sarah Peroutka has work in the show and will be your tour guide along with a member of the art center staff who will talk about the importance of art in facilitating social change. The show is about the important role neighborhood associations and civic involvement play in solving peace and justice issues including home-lessness, environmental protection, immigration, urban development, food scarcity. The mission of the Elisabeth Jones Art Center is support and promote artists whose work concerns ecology, peace, social justice, and other contemporary issues. You can email at

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