Let Us All Give Thanks | Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Posted on November 29, 2019 in: General News

Let Us All Give Thanks | Thanksgiving Day Dinner

For the 9th consecutive year our Peace and Justice Commission collaborated with New Seasons Market Seven Corners to serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to more than 100 guests who might be alone, homeless, or experiencing economic struggles. The menu was supplemented by delicious donations of pies, juice, and side dishes from our parishioners. By the end of the event, just about everything had been "gobbled up."

By 11:00, when the doors officially opened, guests were lined up outside, hungry and eager to be seated. More than sixty people worked at the event this year--parishioners, non-parishioners, Catholics, non-Catholics, neighbors, and even a couple folks from outside Portland. There were volunteers who'd worked the dinner many times, and quite a few who'd never even been on church property before. In the weeks leading up to the event, countless people donated clothing and personal items for our give-away tables. 

You see, our dinner is more than just a is also an opportunity to for us to distribute practical necessary items to those who live outdoors or in low income situations. These items include coats, sweaters, socks (three huge barrels of socks!), gloves, and hundreds of small personal items (motel-sized shampoo and soap; nail clippers; dental floss and toothbrushes and small toothpaste; personal wipes; sanitary napkins; etc.)

We want to extend a special thanks to our wonderful young adult high school volunteers from De la Salle North and St. Mary's Academy high schools. These students, along with their teachers and school staff, were responsible for collecting about eighty percent of the items we distributed this year. Just as importantly, they wrote notes of love and encouragement for us to include in the gift bags we distributed. This was a new idea that was so successful we plan to repeat it. Since homeless people don't often receive gifts, nor do they have a chance to give gifts to others, we thought we'd collect small items to put in Ziploc gift bags to hand out as party favors. Our goal was to give two gift bags to each guest and suggest that one be kept for their personal use and one be given as a gift to a homeless friend.  Since we all know how great it feels to be able to give, offering our guests an extra gift bag will allow them to experience the joy of generosity. 

Your St. Philip Neri Peace and Justice Commission is looking to increase its membership. If you enjoy helping others in practical ways, contact the church office. 

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Thanksgivig Prayer

For moments of beauty
Lord, we thank you
For moments of clarity and understanding
Lord, we thank you
For moments we feel love and when we love others
Lord, we thank you
We thank you for walking with us on our journey,
being a light in our darkenss
and empowering us to be lights for others.

May this day and every day open our eyes to the miracles around us
and to the miracles we are.
May we be blessed with the ability to be grateful for even small things
For friendships, for family, for every breath we take
One day, one moment at a time. 

-- Kait Skyler 2019


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