Pastoral Corner | August 2

Posted on July 29, 2020 in: General News

Pastoral Corner | August 2


During this ‘stay at home’ quarantine, I have been cleaning out files. I collect prayers and ‘someday’— will put them in a small 3-ring binder. If someone gives me a prayer, I put their name next to it and remember to pray for them. I hope they do the same for me.

Prayer for Aging (by Sister Moya Hanlen)

All Gracious God, You have given me all I am and have.

I am one of those called by You into old age—a call not
given to all,
not given to Jesus,
not given to most of our world today.

I humbly ask You—grace me deeply in each aspect of that struggle.

As my physical eyesight weakens—may the eyes of my faith strengthen—
that I may see You and Your Love in everything.

As my hearing fails—may the ears of my heart be more attentive
to the whisper of Your gentle voice.

As my legs weaken and walking becomes more difficult—
may I walk more truly in Your paths—knowing all the
while—that I am held in the embrace of Your love.

As my mind becomes less alert and memory fades—
may I remain peaceful in You.

Finally, as my heart slows a little after the work of the years--
may it expand in love for You and all people.

May it rest secure and grateful in Your loving Heart until
I am
lost in You— completely and forever. Amen.


This Day Has Passed (Author unknown)

Thank you, Lord, for the day that has passed.
Thank you too for your love and protection.

Forgive us for any wrong we have done this day.
Forgive us if we have been bad-tempered or hard to live with.

Forgive us if we have hurt those we should love.
Forgive us for any word of comfort— or praise—or thanks
which we might have spoken—and did not speak.

Forgive us for any help we might have given to someone in need— 
but did not give to them.

Lord, we pray tonight for all men and women:
for the believer and the unbeliever—
for those who are trying to find you—
and for those who are trying to ignore you.

Bless those who are lonely—
and who feel their loneliness worst of
all at evening time.

Bless those who are old or sick—or who
will not sleep tonight.

Bless all homes and families—
and bless those who have no homes of
their own.

Give us all restful sleep—
and the peace of heart that comes
from knowing
that our sins are forgiven—
and that we are always in the hands of
our heavenly Father. Amen.

What do you think? 

Deo Gratias, Barbara M. Harrison

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