Advent | A Time to Wait and To Hope...

Posted on November 23, 2021 in: General News

Advent | A Time to Wait and To Hope...

We all need times of waiting and expectancy in our lives to savour the joy of fulfilment. We need to live with the night and darkness before we can appreciate the coming of dawn. And this is written into nature if only we have eyes to see and hearts attentive to life's mysteries. The expectant mother must wait nine long months before she sees the face of her child. The seed must be buried and broken open in the dark earth before it can emerge into the light of day as a new green shoot. A project needs to mature from the stage of being a mere idea hidden in someone's mind to finding practical expression.

We all have times of Advent in our own lives, just as in the liturgical season of Advent we remember the waiting of Israel through the ages, and the waiting of Mary as she carries her child in her womb. We are sure she will bring him forth once again on Christmas day for our contemplation, and we are ready to relive once again the story of the shepherds and the birth at Bethlehem. It is all so familiar and yet all so new each time Christmas comes around. And every year we are invited to reach a more profound depth in our own lives as we contemplate the birth of the Son of God among us.

—Elizabeth Ruth Obbard, O.Carm

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