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San Lorenzo Ruiz | Feast Day September 28
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino saint. Also known as San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, he died a martyr in Nagasaki, Japan, on Sept. 29, 1637, at the age of 34. Accused of murdering a Spaniard in 1636, Ruiz boarded a ship carrying a group of missionaries to Formosa (Taiwan) and Japan. Ruiz accompanied his missionary companions to Nagasaki, where Christians were being persecuted due to Japan's wariness of foreign colonialism. According to accounts, the Japanese promised Ruiz that they would free him if he would denounce Christianity. He refused and was tortured,...

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Our Lady of Sorrows Feast Day | September 15
Prayer to Mary in time of distress Mother of Sorrows Solace of shock, pray for us Healer of grief, pray for us. Absorber of tears, pray for us Protector of children, pray for us Calmer of fear, pray for us Healer of hurt, pray for us Inspirer of courage, pray for us Strengthener of faith, pray for us Peace of the terrified, pray for us Home of the lost, pray for us Song of the brave, pray for us Rest for the tired, pray for us Forgiver of our enemies, pray for us Guardian of our enemies’ children, pray for us Way to the future, pray for us ...

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