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Our Address:  2408 SE 16th Avenue, on the #4 Bus Line

Our Phone Number: 503-231-4955

This Sunday is First Communion at the 9:30 Mass.

Congratulations to these young people for answering the ‘Call to the Table of the Lord’ and we ask them to pray for us on this—their special day: Landon Ernst, Mitchell Geiger, Elyssa Meyer, Alexi Olsav, Gillian Sayers, and Gabrielle Wagner. 


Our next Senior Gathering will be this Tuesday, May 3, 12- 2pm in Carvlin Hall. We begin with a potluck – lots of great food! This month our speaker will be Simone Carter, Trauma Prevention Coordinator, representing the “Trauma Nurses Talk Tough” program. “Take the Right Steps” will help us identify possible mobility concerns at home, in the car, shopping, how to fall and what to do next, how to catch yourself, & who checks on you daily? Please plan to attend share our potluck and learn from our guest speaker. Bring a dish to share and bring a friend. Don’t cook? Feel free to stop by the deli of your favorite store for a treat/beverage to share. 

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